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Directions: Fill in the names of the two opposing teams at the top of your Instant Pool Card. each person who wants to play in the pool signs their name in one or more spaces. Do not pull the flap until all 10 spaces are filled. Watch the game to determine the final score. When the game is over, add up the score and pull the flap to find out the winner. Numbers 1 thru 10 will appear in random order under the flap. Example: if the final score is 8 to 5 (13) the winning number is 3.Under each pull-tab are the numbers 1 thu 10, in completely random order. ... Put the fun back in your pools - take out the cheating!

Great for office pools, Superbowl Parties, the World Series, or Monday night football with the gang. The same 10-way Sport-Pool Cards can be used for Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, all sports events. Just fill in the card, watch the game, calculate the final score, and pull the flap to find out the winner! Numbers 1 thru 10 appear in random order.